Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Love Comic Books!

I know it's probably something you don't hear girls say very often, but it's true. When I was younger my dad would buy me comic books. I'd look through them amazed with the illustrations, truthfully I didn't always read them , I just LOVED the illustrations. I'm a fan of both DC and Marvel comics but Superman has always had my heart. When I was in high school I would practice my drawing skills by drawing the images from my comic books.
This summer I took my kids to the comic book shop for the first time. I think I enjoyed it more than they did. I'm actually looking forward to them going back to school so I can head over there and really look around. I didn't purchase any comics, I went on a mission to find a Munny figure, which I did.
Back on track, comic books, I love them. I MADE ONE! Two actually. My mom had been telling me that I should write a book about my Cucuy characters. I had a few customers mention how cool a comic about my characters would be. I finally sat down and started drawing. At first I was going for a children's book, building off the story line my mom had in mind. I just wasn't feeling the story book format. That's when I decided I had to turn the story into a comic book.
It's not a full size comic book, but a cute little mini comic book. I've decided I'm going to make it a monthly series. I have two completed as of this week. Issue #1 has been for sale in my shop for a few weeks. Issue #2 will be for sale September 1st.

I'm growing addicted to creating them. I have the story line for Issue #3 in my head. I hope to have a chance to draw it out this weekend. I also have a few other series in my head, I think  Luchamals (masked wrestling animals) will be next.

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