Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cardigan Makeover

I love cardigans. I love them almost as much as I love sequins, flamingos, and skulls. I have a ton of them. I have been eying a couple of tattoo cardigans on a website I visit frequently. I just can't bring myself to pay $80 for a sweater I will only get to wear a few time a year. I am however willing to pay $13 on a clearance cardigan at Target, even if the color matches very little in my closet.

Last week I received my Crafty Chica product tester package. Inside was a package of Crafty Chica Juicy Inks fabric markers and a set of iron on transfers. The transfers included a muertos bride and groom and a sacred heart. When I saw the heart I knew exactly what I wanted to make with it. I had the makings of a cardigan similar to the one I wanted.

I ran over to Target and found a light blue cardigan on the clearance rack for $13, awesome, and it was the last one my size, even more awesome! I came home and got to work. 30 minutes later I had my AWESOME new tattoo style cardigan finished and ready to wear. I can only pray that there is a breeze tomorrow so I can wear it proudly out of the house.

Making my cardigan was super easy. All I needed was:
1 plain cardigan
1 Crafty Chica iron on transfer
an iron
1 set of Crafty Chica Juicy Inks (fabric markers)

 Step1: Iron on transfer image according to package directions. 

Step2: Color in image using fabric markers.

Step 3: Wear your awesome new cardigan proudly.

Enjoy :)

*I received this complimentary product(s) from CraftyChica.com as part of the Crafty Chica Design Team, was asked to share an original DIY project.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

10 Random Things About Me

Today I thought I'd share a 10 random things about me.

1. I love new sketch books. I have a tendency to start drawing in a new one before I finish filling the last one. This comes in handy when I do finally fill up a book and need drawing paper. I go through the old ones to find blank pages :)

2. I'm obsessed with socks. I LOVE the feel of new socks. If I won the lotto I'd spend a ridiculous amount of money on socks and never wear the same pair twice. Unless they had an awesome design on them. Right now my favorite pair is grey, with dinosaurs :)

3. I have mild OCD when it comes to symmetry. I have a hard time not making my artwork symmetrical. I'm working on this, really hard. One step I've taken is making the art wall in my studio asymmetrical. 

4. When I'm around my best friend I revert to being 12 years old, which is really strange since we didn't meet until we were 17.

5. I am full of random knowledge. For some reason I soak up weird random things, ie: Sunflowers face the sun through out the day.

6. When I have building directions with words & pictures I will always try building the item only by looking at the pictures.

7. If I wasn't a graphic designer, I'd probably be a police detective or PI. I'm very observant, and I love mysteries. In my head I am Veronica Mars.

8. I have the ability to predict the outcome of 95% of movies I watch. My husband finds this very annoying. Yet it doesn't stop him from asking what I think will happen.

9. I am terrified of reptiles! Especially lizards. Of course my husband would promise my children that they could have one. Panic attack soon to come.

10. I have started a fire on the kitchen stove by boiling water.

Now you know a little more about me, probably more that you ever wanted or needed to know. I'd love if you shared some random facts about yourselves. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Crafty Chica Juicy Inks Fabric Markers

Saturday afternoon I received a wonderful surprise in the mail, my Crafty Chica product tester package! I opened it to find not one but two products, the Crafty Chica Juicy Inks fabric markers and an awesome set of iron on transfers.
I knew exactly what I wanted to to with my markers. For a while I've been playing with the idea of a Color-Your-Own Cucuy doll, or even an hand colored artist series of Cucuys. I ran over to my computer and printed out a blank Cucuy doll, transferred it on to some white cotton fabric, and headed into my studio to get to work.
As a loyal follower of the Crafty Chica I know she loves tie dye, so I decided to create a tie dye style print on to my Cucuy.
I started off by creating some star burst designs with the blue Juicy Ink marker. I then added the purple and green colors over the star bursts. The colors blended very easily and did not mess up the marker tips. I then blended the pink and orange colors onto the Cucuy's fur, to create a hair like texture. I let the inks set over night.
The next day I pinned and sewed the Cucuy together. Turned him, stuffed him and closed him up. I love the way he came out. He reminds me a little of the Grateful Dead bear. I can't wait to color a few more.

Click here to see if a Michaels store in your area is carrying the Crafty Chica line.

I've created a plushie coloring sheet for you to create your own hand colored plushie.
You will need:
White cotton fabric
T-shirt transfer paper
Crafty Chica Juicy Ink Markers
an Iron
sewing machine
cotton/poly stuffing

I'd love to see your glue gun plushie creations :)

* I received this complimentary product(s) from CraftyChica.com as part of the Crafty Chica Design Team, was asked to share an original DIY project.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

In progress

The Fall/ Halloween crafting has just begun! Here's is peak at what I'm working on next. Any guesses at what I'm trying to make? I hope it comes out as planned.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Pumpkin Tower is Spreading

Yesterday I showed my neighbor my Pumpkin tower. She loved it! We made a run to the dollar store, grabbed some supplies and headed back to her house. I told her how to construct it and came back home. A few hours later she called me over to show me her beautiful tower. She went with a black pot which I think makes hers way more elegant. She even made a mini tower with some tiny pumpkins she found at the dollar store. I think I may make another one. This time I think I'll go more Halloweenish, my son really wants monsters to "work" in the tower. How cute would that be, a pumpkin highrise with little monsters around it.
Here is a picture of my neighbors creation. If you make your own tower I'd love to see your pictures.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's The Great Pumpkin Tower Charlie Brown!

It's Summer in Texas still :( I feel like it's been summer for the past 9 months. I decided to do my own sort of rain dance, to bring on the Fall weather. I started my Fall / Halloween crafting  and decorating a whole month earlier than normal.

Yesterday I set out with a mission. I needed Fall craft supplies. I also needed some padded envelopes, so my first stop was the Dollar Tree. That's where I found a large box full of fake pumpkins that could be carved. I bought a few with the intention to paint them. Then I saw the crows, cute little black crows. I needed them, not sure why but I knew I needed them. Rounding the corner on the way to the register I found a large felt pumpkin, fall wired ribbon, and fall shaped doilies. I added them to my cart and paid. I ran home to drop off my finds and then headed back out to lunch with the hubby.

On the way to lunch inspiration hit. I knew what I was making with my finds. The felt pumpkin needed to be monogrammed with a large sequined L, and hung with the pretty Fall ribbon, on my front door in place of a traditional wreath. 

I also knew what I wanted to do with my pumpkins and crows. I decided to make a tower with them. I sat down at lunch and sketched out my idea. I needed a few things, a pot, a dowel rod, and flower lots of flowers. I showed the hubby my sketch and decided that I needed some small lights on the tower. I told him my plans and that's when I hear the most amazing words ever out of his mouth "You should cover them in glitter, that would be pretty." Okay so he's said some more amazing words before but those were music to my ears. He really get me :) 
I finished my lunch and headed back out on my mission. I grabbed the rest of my supplies, pick up the kiddos from school and headed into the studio. A few hours later I was finished. I had my new "wreath" and my pumpkin tower. 

I even used the doilies. I strung them with twine and hung them around the living room like bunting. I'm no where near done with my decorating, but I love how it's coming along. The best part is, by going for more of a Fall look rather than a Halloween look, I can keep up my pretty decorations all the way until Thanksgiving.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

And the winners are:
& Jessie

If you've won please message me your shipping address and I'll mail your prize to you. Thanks for entering :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Giveaway Time!

Today I'm doing a little bit of inventory and I've decided to have a giveaway. I pulled a few items that are now up for grabs.
Win one of 2 Lucha Mask pillows.
or a pair of Funky Chica sunglasses
a Frida pendant necklace  and moon earrings

In total I will be choosing 4 winners.  You can enter multiple times.

How to enter:
 (1)Share this link on your Facebook or Twitter page, then comment to let us know you shared.
(2) Refer 2 friends to our Facebook page and have them tell us you sent them.
(3) Follow our blog (already a follower, then just leave a comment.)
(4) Refer a friend to our blog.

Winners will be chosen at random and announced Friday, Sept. 7, 2012.
Good Luck!