Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's The Great Pumpkin Tower Charlie Brown!

It's Summer in Texas still :( I feel like it's been summer for the past 9 months. I decided to do my own sort of rain dance, to bring on the Fall weather. I started my Fall / Halloween crafting  and decorating a whole month earlier than normal.

Yesterday I set out with a mission. I needed Fall craft supplies. I also needed some padded envelopes, so my first stop was the Dollar Tree. That's where I found a large box full of fake pumpkins that could be carved. I bought a few with the intention to paint them. Then I saw the crows, cute little black crows. I needed them, not sure why but I knew I needed them. Rounding the corner on the way to the register I found a large felt pumpkin, fall wired ribbon, and fall shaped doilies. I added them to my cart and paid. I ran home to drop off my finds and then headed back out to lunch with the hubby.

On the way to lunch inspiration hit. I knew what I was making with my finds. The felt pumpkin needed to be monogrammed with a large sequined L, and hung with the pretty Fall ribbon, on my front door in place of a traditional wreath. 

I also knew what I wanted to do with my pumpkins and crows. I decided to make a tower with them. I sat down at lunch and sketched out my idea. I needed a few things, a pot, a dowel rod, and flower lots of flowers. I showed the hubby my sketch and decided that I needed some small lights on the tower. I told him my plans and that's when I hear the most amazing words ever out of his mouth "You should cover them in glitter, that would be pretty." Okay so he's said some more amazing words before but those were music to my ears. He really get me :) 
I finished my lunch and headed back out on my mission. I grabbed the rest of my supplies, pick up the kiddos from school and headed into the studio. A few hours later I was finished. I had my new "wreath" and my pumpkin tower. 

I even used the doilies. I strung them with twine and hung them around the living room like bunting. I'm no where near done with my decorating, but I love how it's coming along. The best part is, by going for more of a Fall look rather than a Halloween look, I can keep up my pretty decorations all the way until Thanksgiving.


  1. soooo cute, thanks for sharing. So many ideas we need more time lol. -nicole