Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tree of Thanks

It's November, a month of giving thanks. For the past few days I noticed a few of my Facebook friends posting daily things they are thankful for. Today I caught up with them and posted my 7 days worth of thanks. After posting I thought about what I could do with my kids to help them share the things they are thankful for. Like myself, my boys enjoy working on "projects". Last month my little one helped me string some leaf shaped doilies to make a garland. I still have plenty left, I ran across them in my supply closet this weekend. That's when the idea hit, a tree of thanks.

I made a small, bare tree out of poster board, masking tape, and brown paint.  I hung it in the small hallway between my bedroom and laundry room which is open to the living room. This was the perfect spot because is will be seen every day, by everyone that enters my home. This way we can make sure to add to it daily.
I pulled out the leaf shaped doilies and asked my boys to write what they are thankful for (included their names and the date). Then with stuck them on to the tree. As of right now our tree looks bare, but by Thanksgiving I'm sure it will be full of leaves.


  1. I love this idea - thanks for sharing!

  2. This is great! Wonder how I can adapt this for a Christmas thing... Thanks for sharing.

    1. How about a Christmas tree, real or paper, and you can write on paper ornaments.