Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Vinyl Toy Crazy

Last year I was introduced to the art of customizing vinyl toys. I've fallen in love not only with making these toys but with collecting designer toys. Recently I worked on a few toy samples for a kids camp I'll be teaching next week. During this time I learned that one of the coolest toy shops in Dallas, Atama , now has a 3D printer.  My husband is a 3D modeling expert, he makes 3d models of furniture at work. With his help and the help of the guys at Atama I will be making my own custom Cucuy toy! I'm so excited. I worked up the plans for it yesterday, and now I'm just waiting for my hubby to create the 3D file so I can run over to Atama and have them print it for me.
What am I going to do with 1 resin Cucuy toy? I'm going to cast it and pour my own resin toys! I can't wait. Fingers crossed all goes well.

Here's a few pictures of some of the toys I've just finished.

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