Monday, August 5, 2013

Monster Girl Challenge Week 2

It's been around a week since my first round of monster girl post. Here's what I've been up to this week.
#8 Allie the Alien loves laser tag.
#9 Petunia the Centaur likes to pick apples.

#10 Slimy the slime girl. She likes to be pampered at the spa. 
Mud baths are her favorite!

#11 DJ Roba the Robot . She loves techno music.

#12 Naga the half snake girl. Snake charmers beware, 
she'll charm you with her belly dancing.

#13 Chacha the canine girl. She loves long runs in the park.

#14 Cynda the Cyclops. She loves 3D movies.

#15 Octavia the octomaid. She enjoys bring in the 
Grand Supreme Queen title at every pageant she enters.

#16 Grayce the gargoyle. She can hold a pose 
better than any other model on the runway.

#17 Yeti, she loves to snowboard.

#18 Nessie. She likes go tubing on the 
river when she goes on vacation.

#19 Dullahan the headless horsewoman. 
Her ponies always get pampered.

 #20 Selkie the seal who sheds its skin to become human. 
Selkie loves to surf, and why wouldn't she with her natural wetsuit.

#21 Eshne the dragon girl. She loved to LARP
 and always plays a knight.

#22 Minnie the Minotaur . She loves mazes.

#23 Frannie aka the bride of Frankenstein. 
She's celebrating her upcoming wedding.


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