Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's Lucha Time

For the past few weeks I've thrown myself into painting. Sometime I don't do often. I have to take my cousin Kristina for getting my into painting. Last month she asked for a custom painting, she gave me a little direction and let me at it. She loved it so much she asked for another painting, this one was going to be a gift for a friend. I had so much fun painting her paintings that I decided to paint something for myself.
I love flamingos, they are my absolute favorite animal. I started my flamingo painting and as I was about to finish I dripped black paint on its face! Who does that? Me of course. I cleaned up my supplies and turn out the lights in my studio, feeling super sad and defeated. The next morning I went back in determined to fix my flamingo. My artwork tends to be kind of silly so I thought how about turning that black splat into a cool mask, a super hero mask. So that's what I did. I left him alone for a week not loving the way he turned out. During this time we were on vacation when inspiration hit. I couldn't wait to get home and fix my flamingo once again. This time I knew what I wanted him to be... El Flamingo Feroz, or The Fierce Flamingo, the greatest animal luchador in the zoo!
The ideas came flying out from there. As of today I've painted 10 different Luchamals (Luachdor + Animals). Last Friday I took a shot and took some prints of my Luchamals to an art show. I sold 3 of them! I even had a customer order 5 custom Luchamal paintings!!! I'm so excited about the response to my Luchamals.
I was invited to vend at another upcoming art show called Vinyl Thoughts. This show features Munny's created by local artist. I decided to get in the spirit by creating my own. I bought my blank yesterday, I went for Trikky because he was shaped like a cat. Today I turned Trikky into "El Jaguar Jeopardous". I can't wait to show him off at the show. I may have to take a trip back to the comic book store and buy a few more blanks.

Here's a peak at my new series of paintings Luchamals . Prints are available in my new Society6 shop and on etsy

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