Monday, January 7, 2013

Story Telling - Building a Brand

Earlier this week I started taking an online class by the Crafty Chica. I was working on the first assignment when I found myself sidetracked. What was suppose to be research on blogging turned into brand research. I started finding brands that were similar to mine. Much larger, but similar. I found myself asking what is my brand, what is Studio Longoria. I decided a few months ago that what I really wanted to do with Studio Longoria was focus on the characters that I love to create. That meant more drawing, more painting and more plushie making. As I started researching these other brands I saw something that my brand was really missing. Something I knew I was missing, but just never sat down to take care of. I was missing back stories for my characters. Who are these creatures, where did they come from? I've set out to answer these by putting together a little book. I've even created an alter ego, a character that explores other worlds and finds these creatures which I create. I'm pushing myself to create daily, to write, draw and tell the story of these creatures. So far so good. I'm four stories in, and I even designed the cover for my little creature book. I still have lots of stories to tell, but I'm taking my time. It was hard to write at first, but now the stories are coming to me much faster. I thought I'd share a few shots of the book so far.

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