Saturday, January 26, 2013

I Declare Today is Decoden Day

I few months ago I came upon something called Decoden. There are lots of crafters playing with this style. The Crafty Chica has a nice tutorial, and so does her daughter Maya in the Moment. I loved it, all the cute little charms, the pretty icing look, it combines my favorite things, crafting, cupcakes, and cute girly chachkies. What is Decoden? It is a Japanese influenced craft which translates to decorated phone. However decoden has moved way past phone covers. You can find trinket boxes, jewelry, jars, and picture frames. I had wanted to try it for a while, but I didn't know where to start.
Last week my friend Tisha came over for a crafty play date. We worked on some ideas for our Etsy team's Valentine's craft night. I tried my hand at my very first decoden piece, a small heart shaped trinket box. I love the way it came out I had to make another.

They while clean my studio I found a bunch of picture frames. They've sat on my craft table for days just calling out "decorate me". I stocked up on supplies, everything from button packs, to cute erasers, to mini toy figurines. I bought the suggested silicone (the icing), and I pulled out some old bottles of puff paint that had been sitting in the back of my supply closet.

I spent the entire day today working on decorating my blank frames. I tried out different "icings", added glitter to a few, and even different types of puff paint.
The silicon came out really cute, it looks just like icing, however it really killed my hands and it looks like there is only enough silicon in a tube for 2 frames.
Next was the puff paint, Tulip brand puffy paint in white. I love the glossy look of this paint. I also added glitter to this paint. I think it looks like sugar.
Finally, I tried Tulip Metallics dimensional paints. This is by far my favorite. I love the opalescent sheen. It's so girly.


I still have 11 frames to decorate, but I'm finished for tonight, I don't think my hands can handle squeezing any more paint bottles.

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