Monday, April 15, 2013

Show Season is Starting

I haven't been around to post much lately. I've been working as a full time tutor since February. It hasn't left much time to hang out in the studio. The past few weeks I've really been in the creative swing. I have a few outdoor shows coming up, which require lighting and tents, so I decided to get on it and decorate my tent. Whenever I'm at a craft show/ art fair I'm always drawn to the tents and booths that feel more like a small boutique rather than just a tent with tables. I've always wanted that feel for my own set up. I've just never known how to get there. I've been spending what time I can searching for ideas. Collecting pieces display pieces and having my husband build what he can. My display is not quite ready but as of this weekend I have a few of my big pieces put together and ready for my next outdoor show.

Here's what I have so far:

An awesome marquee sign made by my awesomely handy hubby...
I can't wait to hang this from my tent, pointing into my tent telling all passer bys "Come on in here, Awesomeness this Way!!!"

Then there is my new banner. Since I've reworked my branding I felt it was time to invest in a full color banner to represent my brand. And last but not least, every outdoor show needs lighting. I needed something that would stand out from everyone else. I have some light strands that look great with my new marquee but I really wanted something that stood out. Something that would draw people in. Once again I searched for ideas and finally found these paper lanterns. I decided one was not enough of a statement. I needed a chandelier made of lanterns. I love the way it came out. I'm hoping they are high up enough that no one bumps their heads. (Not a problem for this short chick.)

Day time view of chandelier and banner hanging in the tent.

 A view from under the lanterns.

Dusk view. I wanted to wait til it got dark but I was too tired.

I still have a few pieces waiting for me in the garage. My hubby has been hard at work building for me. Only two weeks until my next outdoor show. I can't wait to show off my new set up. 

If you have any questions about display ideas please leave them in the comments. I will also be working on a post with links to other displays that work for other artist. 



  1. This is so great! I LOVE the marquis sign- it's awesome!!! And the colorful lanterns are beautiful...they wil surely draw shoppers in :) Can't wait to see what you share next!

  2. Awesomness! I love that marquee sign also. Everything about your new brand shouts FUN!! You are a marketing genius!