Thursday, March 1, 2012

Steps 3 & 4

Yesterday I shared the digital drawing stage of my design process. Today I jump ahead to share the prototype stage. The prototype stage is actually stage 4. Step 3 is printing the designs onto heat transfers and pressing them to white cotton fabric. Step 4 is taking the fabric, sewing and stuffing the plushies. From here I decided what needs to be changed or improved on. I also use this step to decided whether to send the design to be printed on fabric by the yard. For those wondering who I use for my fabric printing, I use , I've been very happy with their work. Pricing may seem high, but when you think about having your very own designs that no one else can buy it's worth it.
Here's a peak at some prototypes. 

I couldn't resist taking a picture on the beautiful new plates my parents bought us for Christmas.



Hope I didn't leave you too hungry :)

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